The Best Sleep Tracking Apps for iPhone

Ever seen the sky turn green? I have. Good ol' Nebraska... Photo by Zooey | CC

Ever seen the sky turn green? I have. Good ol’ Nebraska… Photo by Zooey | CC

I got interested in sleep tracking when I wanted to figure how badly I was really sleeping. Before I had children, I slept like the dead. I’d routinely sleep through classic Nebraska storms with thunder, lightning, hail… the works.

Unfortunately, since having my oldest child, I’ve turned into a light sleeper, and struggled with insomnia and disturbed sleep as a result. And she was a good sleeper almost from the start. Since the arrival of my younger child, who is a terrible sleeper, my sleep problems have only gotten worse.

I’ve tried several different sleep tracking apps for iPhone, and here are my conclusions.

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Testing iPhone Pedometer Apps

The other day, my husband asked if there was a pedometer app that he could add to his phone to see how much he walked at work (a lot). There’s actually been an explosion of this type of app since the release of the iPhone 5s, which has the M7 motion co-processor. However, neither of us has a 5s. Complicating the question further (as I was about to discover), my husband has never bothered to update to iOS 7, and most of the prominent pedometer apps require it.

Here is what I found:

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