Endangered Species Chocolate Review

Endangered Species Chocolate is our family’s favorite brand of chocolate bar. The 72% dark chocolate series in particular is excellent: velvety smooth and richly flavored without being either overly bitter or excessively sweet.

I also appreciate the ethics of the company, which is what initially induced my mother to pick up our first bar years ago. The company donates 10% of net profits to wildlife conservation organizations such as the African Wildlife Foundation and The Xerces Society (a personal favorite, due to its excellent work in the under-appreciated field of insect conservation). Endangered Species Chocolate bars are also made using ethically sourced chocolate and other ingredients. They are Rainforest Alliance certified and many of their products contain USDA organic ingredients or sustainably-sourced palm oil. Endangered Species chocolate bars are also Kosher and gluten-free, and some bars are vegan.

My only complaint is that melting and resetting the bars ruins the texture of the chocolate to a greater degree than you find with cheaper chocolates like Hershey, so be extremely careful about leaving these bars in a hot car!

As a premium chocolate brand, Endangered Species Chocolate bars are pricey. I’ve seen it as high as $4 per bar! Fortunately, they seem to go on sale pretty frequently at 2 for $5 or a similar rate, and we stock up during the sales. You can also lower the price per bar by buying in bulk via Amazon or other retailers.

Here are our family’s favorite (and not so favorite) flavors:

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Work Bench ‘N Box

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Any time I get out the screwdriver to work on something, my two and a half year old son is sure to be close behind, begging to have a turn. Sometimes he’ll even open the closet and ask me to get it down for him. Since a real screwdriver isn’t a safe toy for a toddler to play with unsupervised, I decided to get him a little toy toolbox of his own so he could play with screwdrivers whenever he wanted.

This proved somewhat easier said than done. Most of the initial toy tool sets I researched were plastic and didn’t sound well made. Then I looked into the Melissa & Doug Take-Along Tool Kit Wooden Toy (Pretend Play, Sturdy Wooden Construction, 9.9" H x 5.5" W x 4.8" L, Great Gift for Girls and Boys - Best for 3, 4, and 5 Year Olds), which seemed much closer to what I had in mind. Melissa & Doug are generally reliable purveyors of high quality toys, and the price was very attractive. However, I was put off the set by the reviews complaining that there were no threaded holes for the screws. What’s the point of a toy screwdriver if it can’t screw anything in? So I went looking for better options.

Finally, I found it with the Work Bench ‘N Box set by Wonderworld. The Work Bench ‘N Box has a hammer, wrench, and screwdriver, nails, screws with washers, and more, as well as a sturdy tool box to carry the set in that also doubles as the work bench. The bench includes a variety of holes on the top and sides, including both threaded and non-threaded. Everything is made of eco-friendly sustainable rubber wood except the two nails and the head of the wrench, which are plastic.

The toy was an instant hit with my son, who immediately started banging away with the hammer. He had a little more trouble with the wrench and screwdriver, but the toy should be excellent to help him develop his fine motor skills. It has held up well to the banging so far and seems like a very sturdy and well made toy. My only complaint is that the nails are a bit difficult to remove, so I will have to do that for him, but otherwise I am very pleased with the purchase so far, and so is he!

Note: Wonderworld makes a similar toy toolbox called the Wonderworld Little Tool Box Set Best Learning Toys Improved Skills Kids Toy that also appears to be an excellent choice and which has a saw with a velcro block that children can “saw” apart in addition to the hammer, screwdriver, and wrench. Although I’m pretty sure my son would love the saw, I thought the other tools in the set looked more juvenile than the tools that came with the Work Bench ‘N Box and I wanted something that my son would get several more years of enjoyment out of, plus there were fewer holes for the nails and screws, so I decided to go with the Work Bench ‘N Box.

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My rating: (4 / 5)