The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman Book Review

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The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman, by Louise Plummer, is one of my favorite YA romance novels. It’s an extremely witty and tongue-in-cheek read, in large part because of the great use of first-person narration. Kate is a very intelligent and charismatic heroine and she narrates as if writing a romance novel based on her own life, complete with frequent consultation of The Romance Writer’s Phrasebook and hilarious commentary on the bodice ripping descriptions she finds there. She is also (speaking as a fellow tall, plain-ish nerd with bad eyes) extremely relatable, so I’m sure there was some wish fulfillment involved in my enjoyment of this book when I first read it as a never-been-kissed teenager. However, I’ve found it equally enjoyable as an adult.

Another thing I liked and found relatable was the portrayal of Kate’s family. As someone who really didn’t have a rebellious teenage phase and whose relationship with my parents ranged from pretty good to great even at the height of my puberty-induced hormonal moodiness, I really enjoyed the depiction of a loving and mutually respectful parent-teen relationship. (There’s also a great depiction of female-female friendship, in keeping with the book’s feminist themes.) The novel is set over Christmas break in Minnesota, and Kate’s (mostly) happy family life and Swedish Christmas traditions add to the cozy, comforting atmosphere, making it an especially good read for the holiday season or the sorts of days when you don’t feel like doing anything but curling up with a blanket, some tea, and a good book.

My rating: (4.5 / 5)

My Favorite Christmas Reads

My favorite Christmas Reads

My family is not very religious, so we never really did the Advent calendar thing when I was growing up. Instead, as a family of incorrigible bookworms (and environmentalists), we saved our used wrapping paper from unwrapping presents and used it to wrap up our Christmas book collection, which was then put away for the year and brought back out again on December 1st. Starting that evening, we would unwrap one or two books per night until Christmas, and read them aloud together to start getting into the Christmas spirit.

Much like real Christmas presents, there was always much poking around to try and figure out what was what (in the intervening 12 months, we always forgot what paper had gone with what book) so we could unwrap our favorites sooner. Here are some of the books that I was always trying to find:

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