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This game edges out Civilization for my favorite PC game ever, primarily because it’s easier to avoid combat. I prefer the economic, social, and city building elements of games like this to the combat, so Tropico works better for me since I can set political difficulty to low and economic difficulty to hard and end up with a fun challenge, yet few or no annoying problems with being attacked. That said, if you do enjoy combat, it’s totally possible to end up with it:

I don’t currently have any of the expansion packs and got bored with the missions partway through and switched back to just playing on custom islands, which was my favorite way to play the original Tropico as well. Can I eke an economy out of a barren wasteland? How about steep slopes? All tourist? No tourist? Strong environmentalist faction?

My rating: (5 / 5)

Note: Tropico 5 will be coming out in June 2014, so if the game looks interesting to you, you may want to wait for a couple months to get the latest version.

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