Elenco Electronic Snap Circuits SC-300


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This was a Christmas gift for my 7 year old daughter from my brother-in-law, a physicist. It was one of his favorite toys growing up and according to his mother, he got quite creative with it!

So far, we have mainly followed the included directions (though with occasional “what would happen if we put this here instead?” experimentation) and have found almost all of them clear and straightforward enough for her to follow on her own without adult assistance. Replacing wires with snaps was a brilliant idea- the snaps make the process of building and dismantling circuits extremely simple and easy, which helps reduce frustration (especially for young beginners like my daughter) without dumbing down the circuits themselves. (Some should be plenty sophisticated enough to keep a high schooler’s interest.) So far, her favorite of the 300 different circuits included in the instructions is one that launches a plastic fan into the air like a flying saucer, and mine is the AM radio (yes, it really works!)

I highly recommend this kit for children who enjoy building projects or have an interest in science.

My rating: (4 / 5)