Hungry Shark Evolution App Review

Hungry Shark Evolution (AppStore Link) Hungry Shark Evolution
Developer: Ubisoft
Rated: 12+5
Price: Free Download from the App Store


This is a fun but somewhat frustrating game where you get to play, essentially, Jaws and chow down on everything you can catch, from schools of fish to monster crabs to parasailers and beyond. Hurtling your sleek fangy body through water and air alike to catch your next meal is the fun part, especially once you get to the larger shark species like the Tiger and the Great White (we have not yet reached the Megalodon) and can start chowing down on old nemeses from earlier levels. Take THAT, Lionfish!

Unfortunately, the game is super slow to load, to the point that if you have an unusually bad run or two you can spend more time waiting for the darn thing to start up again than you do actually playing the game. The directional controls (both tilt and manual) can also be a bit frustrating and prone to getting confused, but I’m not sure if that’s the controls themselves or just me not being very good at using them. (I would assume the latter except my nephew, who’s much better at this sort of game than I am, mentioned something similar to me when we were talking about the game.) As a result of these frustrations, we don’t play it that often, even though we have fun when we do.

My rating: (3 / 5)


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