King of Math App Review

King of Math (AppStore Link) King of Math
Developer: Oddrobo Software AB
Rated: 9+4.5
Price: Free Download from the App Store


This is a fun and challenging math app where you start out a peasant and become a king by completing each chapter in different “books” of problems. You only get full stars for completing each chapter if you are both quick and accurate.

My favorite aspect of this math game is that they vary the format of the questions with each chapter. For example, one chapter might give simple 4+5=? style questions, while another will show pictures of dice and have you add the dots, and a third will show you four addition problems and ask you to select the one that has the largest sum. This helps keep you on your toes as you progress through the books and stops your brain from falling into a rut.

This version of the game is best for teens and adults. For elementary school kids, I recommend King of Math Junior instead.

My rating: (4 / 5)


  1. […] King of Math is a great math game, but some of the topics are a little too advanced for elementary school students (especially in the younger grades), so the developers came out with this junior version for younger kids. It has simpler problems and cuter cartoons, but the same variation in question format that I like about the original version. […]