LEGO Friends Adventure Camper (3184)

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My favorite of the smaller Lego Friends sets we own. It’s a little more challenging to build than, for example, the Heartlake Dog Show, and it has excellent play value.

We go camping regularly (though in a tent rather than a camper) so my daughter found it very relatable and loved sending the friends off on adventures. The design of the camper itself is compact yet versatile, just like a real camper, and there’s a nice mix of accessories, such as a table and grill for cookouts, a pair of bikes for touring, and a surfboard for beach camp outs.

Update: This camper set has now been discontinued and is priced as a collectible, not as a children’s toy. Luckily, there’s a very reasonably priced Lego City camper that gets great reviews and reportedly fits the Lego Friends minifigs. The Lego Friends theme also now offers a similar set called Summer Caravan (41034).

My rating: (4 / 5)


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