Supernatural Season 3 Review

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While I appreciated that Kripke and the writers didn’t allow the Yellow Eyed Demon storyline to drag on and on, it left them without such a strong arc and much of season three seemed to be grasping at straws trying to fill in the gap. On top of that, the Writer’s Strike forced the season to be shortened (16 episodes instead of the usual 22), leading to the compression of several storylines, inconsistent characterization and plotting, and inadequate payoff at the end of the season. Thus, I consider season three to be the weakest of the first three seasons, even though many individual episodes are actually quite good. (I’ve starred the good ones below for your convenience.)

My rating: (3 / 5)

Episode by Episode:

The Magnificent Seven – The trouble began with a fairly weak season premiere

*The Kids Are Alright – A much stronger second episode, with one of the creepiest images of the whole show, as a desperate mother attempts to drown her daughter (actually a changeling) by driving her car into a lake, only to return home and find the creature, dripping wet and waiting for her.

*Bad Day at Black Rock – The introduction of Bela. I personally liked Bela, though I found it frustrating that the boys tended to turn into incompetent buffoons in her presence. Regardless of your feelings about her, however, this is one of the funniest episodes of Supernatural ever!

Sin City – To be honest, this episode was so unmemorable that I can’t even remember it enough to come up with a comment about it.

Bedtime Stories – Don’t remember this one well either – something about fairy tales coming to life

Red Sky At Morning – A significantly less entertaining run-in with Bela, though it does contain the droolworthy spectacle of Dean in a tux

*Fresh Blood – Gordon taunts a vampire, who takes revenge by turning him into one. A suspenseful and well acted episode – one of the best of the season

*A Very Supernatural Christmas – A pair of pagan gods disguised as friendly suburbanites claim human sacrifices. Funny, gross, and grossly funny, with touching flashbacks to the boys’ sad childhood Christmases.

Malleus Maleficarum – This episode caused an uproar in the fandom when it aired due to the unironic presentation of extremely misogynistic lore about witches. I agree with many of the criticisms and it’s among my least favorite episodes in the whole series.

Dream a Little Dream of Me – Another episode I didn’t find especially memorable

*Mystery Spot – One of the worst cases of mood whiplash you will ever experience. It begins as a strong contender for the funniest episode of Supernatural ever, but takes a more serious turn partway through.

*Jus In Bello – Any episode with Henriksen is A-ok in my book.

*Ghostfacers – Another funny episode, with “candid” footage of Dean and Sam at work courtesy of the Ghostfacers

*Long Distance Call – A creepy monster-of-the-week more reminiscent of season one than most of the rest of season three, in a good way

Time Is On My Side – An unsatisfying resolution to the Bela storyline

*No Rest For the Wicked – A somewhat more satisfying conclusion to Dean’s storyline


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