Supernatural Season 2 Review

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Season 2 of Supernatural was stronger and more consistent than season 1 while continuing the first season’s strengths.

My rating: (4 / 5)


In My Time of Dying – A great start to the season as Dean fights for life in the hospital following his little run in with the semi.

Everybody Loves a Clown – One of my favorite episodes of the season – a seriously creepy cannibal clown as monster-of-the-week, some hilarious scenes and one liners, and, oh yeah, an ending that will rip out your heart and stomp it in the dust.

Bloodlust – Dean’s still broken, and we meet Gordon

Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things – Zombies!

Simon Said – Evil twins!

No Exit – A creepy encounter with the ghost of H.H. Holmes

The Usual Suspects – The incident with the skinwalker from season one (“Skins”) starts causing trouble for the boys

Crossroad Blues – First, but not last, run-in with a crossroads demon

Croatoan – The Lost Colony of Roanoke was caused by a demonic plague, apparently? Not crazy about this one.

Hunted – A strong episode with great use of “White Rabbit” in the soundtrack

Playthings – Not an especially memorable episode, but did have some pretty creepy dolls

Nightshifter – My favorite episode of the season, and quite possibly the whole show. “Nightshifter” is a great mix of humor and suspense, plus the introduction of Victor Henriksen, one of my favorite secondary characters. Bonus marks for another brilliant song choice as well: Styx’s “Renegade”


Houses of the Holy – The boys confront some interesting philosophical and religious questions

Born Under a Bad Sign – Sam gets possessed by the demon they know as Meg – another really tense and well acted episode.

Tall Tales – Hilarity ensues as a Trickster wrecks havoc on a college town

Roadkill – I was looking forward to this episode before it aired because I’m a fan of guest star Tricia Helfer thanks to her excellent work in Battlestar Galactica. Unfortunately, the plot was pretty unmemorable and I thought her talents were sadly underused.

Heart – Sam’s Peen of Death strikes again. At least the sex was hot.

Hollywood Babylon – One of the weaker episodes of the season

Folsom Prison Blues – An enjoyable episode that earns major bonus marks thanks to the return of Agent Henriksen

What Is And What Should Never Be – A djinn sends Dean to an alternate universe where their mom never died. Not my favorite episode, to be honest, but many people seem to love it, based on its frequent presence on “top Supernatural episodes” lists.

All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 1 – Another creepy and suspenseful episode as Sam is abducted by the Yellow Eyed Demon and taken to an abandoned town where he learns he is in a fight to the death with the other survivors of the children given special powers by the demon

All Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2 – Like Devil’s Trap in season one, Kripke and his team gave fans a super intense finale, as Dean makes a deal with the Crossroads Demon to save his brother, and the two prepare for their final confrontation with the Yellow Eyed Demon