Supernatural Season 1 Review

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Horror isn’t usually my thing, but so many of my friends were falling head over heels for this show, I decided to give it a shot, and found it much more enjoyable than I expected.

Supernatural follows a pair of brothers on a cross country road trip looking for their missing father, stopping to hunt supernatural baddies of various sorts along the way. The monster of the week plots are generally entertaining, but the real draw of the show for me was the first class family drama. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki have great chemistry together as brothers Dean and Sam Winchester. I also enjoyed the show’s soundtrack of classic rock, the focus on small town and rural backroads America (my America) rather than big city locales like New York and LA, and, of course, the eye candy.

My rating: (3.5 / 5)


Pilot – A good introduction to the show, with lots of classic lines

Wendigo – Not a great episode, but one of the few that legitimately scared the crap out of me. I don’t do well with people getting eaten alive.

Dead in the Water: Another mediocre episode, but a nice guest turn by Amy Acker

Phantom Traveler – Dean Winchester is afraid of flying, lol

Bloody Mary – One of the weakest episodes of the first season

Skin – A case that will affect the plot for seasons to come – a skinwalker steals Dean’s skin and commits murder while looking like him

Hook Man – Terrible

Bugs – Also pretty bad

Home – Not the best episode, but important to the arc, as Sam starts experiencing increasingly intense premonitions

Asylum – A turning point in quality, and full of premium, grade A family drama, as Sam tries to kill Dean under the influence of a malevolent ghost that brings people’s hidden rage to the surface

Scarecrow – The introduction of Meg, and several of the show’s most classic one liners

Faith – A quiet, almost philosophical episode with a great guest appearance by Julie Benz

Route 666 – The infamous “racist truck” episode. Most fans prefer to pretend it never happened

Nightmare – An abused young man with powers similar to Sam’s turns on his family with gory results

The Benders – Kind of a silly plot about rednecks that hunt (and apparently eat) people, but it’s fun and Deputy Kathleen Hudak is one of my favorite one-off characters

Shadow – The return of Meg

Hell House – We meet the Ghostfacers

Something Wicked – A very strong episode with an especially creepy monster-of-the-week and more top-notch family drama

Provenance – My favorite episode from season one thanks to lots of funny lines and a particularly charming guest star

Dead Man’s Blood – The much-anticipated return of John Winchester was actually kind of a letdown thanks to a bunch of extremely boring vampires

Salvation – “Carry On My Wayward Son” makes its first appearance

Devil’s Trap – John gets possessed by the yellow eyed demon and the boys don’t notice until he says something nice about Dean. In other words, angst and man-pain galore. \o/ A super intense and, frankly, downright evil finale, especially considering that the show was not yet renewed when it was written and filmed.  Also, you’ll never listen to “Bad Moon Rising” the same way again.


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