Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

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This is one of Amazon’s best reviewed baby toys for good reason. My son absolutely loved it as a baby and still loves it at two years old.

The songs are all classical tunes such as Eine kleine Nachtmusik, the William Tell Overture, etc. and the sound quality is pretty good and not too loud, so it doesn’t get annoying when baby plays it 38475727283492029348 times per day, as so many other musical toys for babies do. The toy is also sturdy and easy to grasp, yet light enough that it’s not too painful if (when) baby waves it around a little too enthusiastically and hits himself in the face. The flashing lights are pretty bright in the dark, which may be startling for some babies. The battery life is pretty long, but our son liked it so well we quickly switched to rechargeable batteries

My rating: (4 / 5)