TV Shows I’ve Watched

This is a probably not 100% complete list of TV shows I’ve watched in whole or in part. (Watched deliberately, that is, not just because I happened to be in a waiting room somewhere with the show on in the background.)

I wasn’t allowed to watch a lot of television growing up, mostly educational shows on PBS and some classics my parents had enjoyed when they were younger. In college, I didn’t really have time – we had a standing date with a bunch of my friends for The West Wing and Law & Order, and for awhile I got hooked on reruns of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but other than that, I didn’t watch much of anything. As an adult, I watch more television than I used to, but still not a lot, and I tend to lose interest in shows relatively easily if they start having storylines I don’t like, as you’ll see by the mere handful of shows I’ve watched from beginning to end.

Bold: watched all episodes (aired to date)

Italic: watched some episodes

Regular – watched pilot only

To Watch

Some of the shows on my to watch list:

  • Band of Brothers
  • House of Cards
  • Marvel’s Daredevil
  • Sense8
  • TURN