Perhaps Love Album Review

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This is a rather interesting collection of English pop songs as sung by the great Spanish operatic tenor Placido Domingo (my favorite). My mom had this album and played it often while I was growing up, so my feelings about it are colored by nostalgia. I know that some of my non-opera-loving college friends, for example, found the operatic technique a little overblown and Domingo’s accent too thick, especially in his rendition of “Yesterday,” while as a bit of an opera snob myself, I found some of the other songs not quite “worthy” of Domingo’s incredible voice. However, there are several songs on the album that are so knock-your-socks-off gorgeous that I have to recommend it. My favorites include:

“Sometimes a Day Goes By” – Not the best song on the album, but one I catch myself humming frequently

“Annie’s Song” – I love John Denver’s version, but although Domingo’s accent is a little too strong to be perfect, this is one of the pop songs that works pretty well with a more operatic delivery

“Perhaps Love” – Domingo’s collaboration with John Denver. Despite their very different vocal styles, the two men’s voices blend gorgeously together, and Denver’s romantic lyrics are to die for. “If I should live forever, and all my dreams come true, my memories of love will be of you.” This is a favorite song of my husband and me. Buy from iTunes

“Yesterday” – Neither of my parents are big Beatles fans, so I heard Domingo’s version of the song long before the original and actually prefer it. Like Annie’s Song, it’s a song that works pretty well with more operatic styling. However, as mentioned above, some Beatles-loving friends hated this version. Here, check it out and see what you think:

“An American Hymn” – From the ABC mini-series “East of Eden,” starring Jane Seymour (not the earlier James Dean film), this is another of my all-time favorite songs. The lyrics are incredibly beautiful and emotional, and Domingo’s voice, which starts gently and ends powerfully, is perfection. Buy from iTunes

My rating: (4 / 5), but “Perhaps Love” and “An American Hymn” are  (5 / 5)