To Ship Or Not To Ship

An annotated list of ships by fandom:

Amelia Peabody series:

  • Amelia/Emerson – One of my favorite fictional married couples
  • Ramses/Nefret – I used to ship it, but canon kind of ruined it for me. I didn’t like how it played out at all.


  • Thomasina/Septimus – Totally ship it, despite the age difference and the fact that he’s her tutor

Aubrey-Maturin series

  • Aubrey/Maturin – naturally

Avatar: the Last Airbender:

  • Zuko/Katara – I have to confess to not-so-secretly preferring this to Aang/Katara
  • Sokka/Suki – I like it, but I’m not devoted to it
  • Zuko/Mai – I like this better than Aang/Katara, worse than Zuko/Katara
  • Sokka/Toph – Mixed feelings. On the one hand, her crush was kind of cute, and they had enough in common and enough shared experiences to be a great couple. On the other hand, Toph really doesn’t seem like the marrying type. I’m not entirely convinced she didn’t just earthbend Lin into existence and breathe life into her.

Battlestar Galactica:

  • Kara/Lee – my OTP, even though I think Kara and Sam ultimately had a healthier relationship (see my BSG Goodies post for a bunch of great Kara/Lee fanvids)
  • Kara/Sam – I think Lee was the great love of her life, but Sam was better for her in the end
  • Kara/Leoben – I don’t ship it in the sense that I support it in any way, but I do find it weirdly hot
  • Kara/Kat – Really, I just ship Kara with everyone
  • Kara/Kendra – Seriously, everyone
  • Bill/Laura – Cute old love
  • Billy/Dee – ~sob~
  • Lee/Deewhy? why did you do this, show?

Boardwalk Empire

  • Nucky/Margaret – liked it in season 1, but increasingly less as the show went on


  • Booth/Brennan – cute

The Borgias:

  • Cesare/Lucrezia – my OTP, a rare case where incest actually is best. Only a Borgia, it seems, can truly love a Borgia.
  • Cesare/Micheletto – I am convinced that Micheletto was in unrequited love with Cesare
  • Cesare/Caterina – hot
  • Cesare/Charlotte – I liked it a lot, actually, but it obviously didn’t compare to his feelings for Lucrezia
  • Cesare/Ursula – lol no
  • Micheletto/Pascal – hated it, so stupid and out of character for Micheletto
  • Lucrezia/Alfonso of Aragorn – started out cute, rapidly deteriorated
  • Lucrezia/Alfonso of Naples – I think I would have enjoyed this a lot more than Lucrezia/Alfonso of Aragorn
  • Rodrigo/Vannozza – cute old love
  • Rodrigo/Giulia – I think this was more lust than love, but they made a good pair in many ways
  • Rodrigo/Bianca – Never stick your dick in crazy, Rodrigo

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

This fandom was my first introduction to the concept of shipping, even though I’d been doing it for years without knowing the term. Team Spuffy forever!

  • Buffy/Spike (Spuffy) – my OTP
  • Angel/Faith – preferred this to Buffy/Angel
  • Spike/Faith – also works for me
  • Willow/Oz – I liked it until I didn’t
  • Willow/Tara – ~sniffle~
  • Xander/Cordy – liked
  • Xander/Anya – also liked

Criminal Minds

  • Derek/Penelope – too cute

The Cutting Edge

  • Doug/Kate – one of the best bickering couples ever


  • Mulan/Shang (Mulan) – adorable
  • Anna/Kristoff (Frozen) – cute


  • Zoe/Wash – ~sniffles~
  • Simon/River (Crazy Space Incest) – I get why some people ship it, but I don’t personally

Friday Night Lights:

  • Eric/Tammy – one of my favorite fictional married couples ever
  • Landry/Tyra – loved this ship in season 1, but season 2 threatened to ruin it, which is one of the reasons I stopped watching

Gossip Girl

I only saw season one. I heard ominous stuff about later seasons and never bothered to go back to the show.

  • Chuck/Blair – didn’t like either character, tbh, but the limo scene was hot like burning

Greek mythology:

  • Hektor/Andromache – one of the most genuinely loving couples in Greek mythology

Harry Potter series:

The first fandom where I really dived into shippy fanfiction (reading and writing).

  • Remus/Sirius (Wolfstar) – LOVE. Based on sheer quantity of fanfiction written and read, this is my biggest OTP ever.
  • Ron/Hermione (The Good Ship) – I like bickering couples, and knew they were destined for each other from their very first meeting on the train
  • Remus/Regulus – my second favorite Remus ship due to the interesting implications for Remus, Sirius, and Regulus’s actions during the First War
  • Harry/Hermione – no, just no
  • Harry/Ginny – I’m not really a fan, to be honest
  • Neville/Ginny – Not one of my favorites, but I dabble a little. I like it better than Harry/Ginny
  • Harry/Luna – same as Neville/Ginny
  • Harry/Neville – also same as Neville/Ginny
  • Neville/Luna – Not one of my favorites, but I dabble a little
  • Harry/Draco – I don’t ship it, but I read it sometimes. I prefer fics where it’s hatesex to the schmoopy ones – these two would never be schmoopy.
  • Harry/Ron – I’m not opposed in theory, but Ron has always struck me as very, very straight.
  • Harry/Cedric – I don’t ship it, but I can see why people do, and Harry’s reactions to Cedric in the books are part of what makes me think he may not be 100% straight.
  • Bill/Fleur – not one of my favorites, but I do like it
  • Remus/Bill – a rarepair I’ve always kind of liked the idea of
  • Remus/Tonks – I liked the idea in OotP, but HBP and DH ruined it for me – I HATED how it actually played out in canon.
  • Arthur/Molly – awww
  • James/Lily – not one of my favorites, but I like it and read it frequently thanks to my love of MWPP fics
  • James/Sirius – I think of James as being 100% straight (like Ron) so this is a rare case of Heterosexual Life Partners that I don’t ship romantically as well as platonically
  • Snape/Lily – dislike, he tried to do the Nice Guy™ thing without actually being nice, and it failed miserably, as it should have
  • Snape/Anyone else – HATE, the man was a brave asshole, but he was an asshole, and an unrepentant one at that
  • Sirius/Regulus – my “going to hell” ship
  • Fred/George – eww no, the Weasleys (unlike the Blacks) are way too well-adjusted for incest
  • Fred/George/Angelina – this, on the other hand, I could sort of see possibly happening

Hawaii Five-0 (reboot):

  • Steve/Danny – great bickering couple


  • Arthur/Eames – I didn’t go as head-over-heels for this as some corners of fandom, but I dabble occasionally if something is recommended highly enough

I Want To Go Home!

  • Rudy/Mike – yup
  • Pierre/Remus Lupin – a crossover ship I’ve always liked the idea of

Jane Austen:

  • Elizabeth/Darcy (Pride and Prejudice) – ~swoon~
  • Colonel Brandon/Marianne (Sense and Sensibility) – age difference notwithstanding, I think they make a great couple
  • Mr. Knightley/Emma (Emma) – same
  • Henry Tilney/Catherine Morland (Northanger Abbey) – Tilney is totally underrated as an Austen hero, and he and Catherine are very cute together

Julian Kestrel series:

  • Julian/Phillipa – I hope when she came of age, she and Julian scandalized society by running away together and living happily ever after
  • Julian/Sally – not bad either, but I can’t see a future there

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries:

  • Lizzie/Darcy – of course
  • Jane/Bing – so adorable
  • Lydia/George – NO NO NO, a million times

Lord of the Rings:

  • Aragorn/Arwen – meh
  • Aragorn/Eowyn – I like this better than Aragorn/Arwen
  • Faramir/Eowyn – but I also like this. I’m torn!
  • Frodo/Sam – meh
  • Legolas/Gimli – meh
  • Aragorn/Legolas – meh
  • Merry/Pippen – my favorite LOTR slash ship, though that doesn’t say much

Macdonald Hall series:

  • Bruno/Boots – totally
  • Cathy/Diane – not really, for some reason, though maybe just because we don’t get to see as much of their relationship with each other, as opposed to the boys
  • Bruno/Cathy – heaven help us all if this ever happens!

Marvel Cinematic Universe:

  • Steve/Bucky (Stucky) – My Marvel OTP, hits the same “tragically separated childhood friends” sweet spot as Remus/Sirius (check out my Steve/Bucky recs list)
  • Steve/Peggy (Steggy) – My second favorite Steve ship. Peggy is awesome and I thought they were really cute together. I loved the smile he got when she punched that guy in the face in basic, I think that’s the moment he fell for her. Sadly for both of them, I think they were both too busy for anything serious to happen between them before he went down in the Arctic, although it is my headcanon that when Steve told Natasha he was “95, not dead,” the kiss he was talking about was with Peggy. You could see how much he still loved her in the scene between them in CA:TWS.
  • Steve/Bucky/Peggy – If Bucky and Steve had both made it through the war, I could totally see this happening. In fact, it’s pretty much my headcanon that it would have.
  • Steve/Natasha – I know this is canon in the comics, but their relationship in the MCU feels very platonic to me and I like it that way
  • Steve/Sam – I love the friendship between these two in CA: TWS and people have rightfully pointed out that Sam’s role in that film follows a lot of tropes traditionally given to the love interest (up to and including the meet cute in the park), but while I can easily buy that the conversation in the park could have been a bit of a pickup attempt, Bucky shows back up in Steve’s life within days and even if you don’t ship Steve/Bucky, you have to admit that Bucky is and always has been the most important person in Steve’s life, which is likely at the very least to put a complicating factor into any budding Steve/Sam romance, if not derail it completely. Which is a long-winded way of saying that I like Steve/Sam fine, but don’t always buy it in fic if the Bucky issue isn’t dealt with carefully, and generally prefer Steve & Sam to be just friends.
  • Steve/Tony (Stony) – Stony seems to be second only to Stucky in popularity in MCU fandom, but I’ve never really understood the appeal of it
  • Natasha/Sam – I prefer Natasha/Clint, but I’m not opposed.
  • Sam/Maria – I’ve developed a bit of a soft spot for this rarepair
  • Natasha/Bucky (Winter Widow) – I know this is canon in the comics, but haven’t seen enough of them together to have an opinion in the MCU. In theory, it might be more interesting to me than Steve/Natasha, since Natasha and Bucky have more in common than Natasha and Steve (and did, I think, even before Bucky became the Winter Soldier), but at this point I prefer Steve/Bucky and Clint/Natasha. However, I do like…
  • Steve/Bucky/Natasha – I prefer this to either Steve/Natasha or Bucky/Natasha by themselves
  • Steve/Bucky/Sam/Natasha – An OT4 I can get behind
  • Clint/Natasha (Clintasha) – This was my other Marvel OTP, but it seems to have been Jossed (literally) by Age of Ultron and adultery is kind of a squick for me (as is erasing inconvenient female characters), so while I still like it, I’m reluctantly moving more towards Clint & Natasha friendship
  • Clint/Laura – Very bland in canon, but maybe fanfiction writers will be able to do something more interesting with it?
  • Clint/Coulson – This seems like a pretty popular ship, but I don’t really get why.
  • Bruce/Natasha – I’m not opposed in theory, but I absolutely hated how it was done in Age of Ultron
  • Tony/Pepper (Pepperony) – I don’t like Tony much as a character, but I do have a huge soft spot for Tony/Pepper. She makes him a better person.
  • Tony/Bruce (Science Bros) – I prefer Tony/Pepper, but this one’s cute, too
  • Tony/Rhodey – Prefer as friendship
  • Tony/Loki – Loki ships tend to turn me off almost as badly as Snape ships, so no.
  • Thor/Jane – A little bland, but okay. Tends to be better in fic than the actual films, imo.
  • Thor/Loki – Potentially interesting, in a fucked up sort of way, but I wouldn’t say I ship it
  • Peggy/Angie (Cartinelli) – I haven’t read any yet, but could be cute in theory, although I didn’t personally get particularly femslashy vibes off them
  • Peggy/Jack – I have to admit, I got some vibes there. But he’s a jerk and very pragmatic in ways that are very convenient for him and very infuriating for someone like Peggy, so I think it will remain more of a guilty pleasure ship for me.
  • Peggy/Daniel – He was clearly into her, but I didn’t get the feeling it was reciprocated as of Agent Carter season 1. Definitely an intriguing ship once she comes to terms more with losing Steve, however.
  • Daniel/Jack – Didn’t ping me
  • I feel like Darcy Lewis would be fun to ship with somebody, but have no idea who.

Merlin (BBC):

  • Arthur/Merlin – yup
  • Arthur/Gwen – also yup
  • Uther/Morgana – my going-to-hell-ship back in season 1, but I stopped shipping it when I realized they were actually related


  • Dorothea/Will – naturally
  • Fred/Mary – yes

The Musketeers:

  • d’Artagnan/Constance – yup
  • Athos/Ninon – liked
  • Aramis/Anne – I liked Athos’s reaction to the ship better than the actual ship, but I can hardly blame her for preferring him to the king!
  • Athos/Milady – too much of an angst-fest for my taste

North and South 

  • Thornton/Margaret – ~swoon~

The Phantom of the Opera:

  • Erik/Christine – naturally
  • Raoul/Christine – lol no

Queer as Folk (US)

  • Brian/Justin – yup


A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones:

  • Sansa/Sandor – yup
  • Sansa/Littlefinger – I hope she pushes him out the Moon Door, but they can also be weirdly hot, in an extremely creepy sort of way. A “going to hell” sort of ship.
  • Arya/Gendry – cute
  • Jaime/Brienne – also cute

Star Trek: The Original Series:

  • Kirk/Spock – yes

Star Trek Reboot:

  • Kirk/McCoy – like this better than Kirk/Spock in the reboot version
  • Spock/Uhura – I really like this, they better not ruin it to try and force Kirk and Uhura together!
  • Kirk/Spock – okay, but I prefer Kirk/McCoy and Spock/Uhura in this verse
  • Kirk/Uhura – no
  • Sulu/Chekov – indifferent
  • Pike/Kirk – a guilty pleasure ship
  • Pike/George Kirk – if you want to make Pike/Kirk even guiltier, make Pike actually in love with George. Owwww


  • Dean/Sam (Wincest) – This was the most popular ship for most of the time I was in the fandom, but I never really shipped it and it was a pretty rare fic that made me even believe in it. They just didn’t seem fucked up in the right ways for incest to be plausible.
  • Dean/Castiel (Destiel) – never really got into this one either
  • Sam/Sarah – my favorite of Sam’s various relationships on the show was Sarah from “Provenance”
  • Dean/Layla – a rarepair I’ve always liked, though they obviously had no future together

Teen Wolf

  • Derek/Stiles (Sterek) – never really saw it in canon, but it has some very nice fanworks
  • Scott/Allison – not the world’s most exciting ship, but I liked it fine
  • Stiles/Lydia – like this better than Sterek, tbh

True Blood

This show has a horrible track record of giving everybody UST with everybody else but then making the relationships horrible and dysfunctional for no apparent reason if they actually get together. It’s super annoying.

  • Eric/Pam – I don’t ship them romantically, but they’re my favorite relationship in the show by far. I could watch the Pam and Eric Snark at Stuff Show all day long.
  • Jessica/Hoyt – liked at first, then progressively less
  • Eric/Godric – could go for it

The Vampire Diaries:

Seriously, if there was ever a show that needed to be introduced to the concept of polyamory, it’s this one! Team Damon vs Team Stefan got to be such a bore, and the Caroline ship wars were almost as bad.

  • Elena/Damon/Stefan – The only Elena ship I accept
  • Caroline/Klaus – Absolute no
  • Caroline/Matt – I liked it, until I didn’t
  • Caroline/Tyler – I have never really forgiven Tyler for what a horrible human being he was in season one, but I didn’t hate this as much as I expected once it happened
  • Caroline/Stefan – To be honest, this is my favorite Caroline ship.
  • Caroline/Damon – Hell to the no. I’m glad she kicked his ass for what he did to her. She should have kicked it harder.

The West Wing:

  • Josh/Donna – long-time favorites
  • Sam/Ainsley – I really liked these two and was sad when she just sort of disappeared

White Collar

  • Peter/Neal – yup
  • Peter/Elizabeth – also yup
  • Peter/Neal/Elizabeth – yup x 1000000

This list is still under construction – check back for more!

Some of you may be wondering why I’m posting something like this instead of my usual review posts. I was thinking about how similar Remus/Sirius and Steve/Bucky were, which got me wondering about what other patterns I might have in my shipping tendencies, and as long as I was writing a list, I figured I might as well post it.

Patterns I’ve noticed so far

Things I like:

  • Bickering Couples (Ron/Hermione, Benedick/Beatrice, etc.) – one of my favorite tropes, because I love witty dialogue and smart characters in general
  • Inseparable Childhood Friends Tragically Separated By Circumstances (Remus/Sirius, Steve/Bucky)
  • Heterosexual Life Partners – Most of my favorite non-canon ships are slash ships involving close friends. Even if they’re not actually romantically involved, they’re so entangled in each other’s lives that they might as well be married, and people of the opposite sex tend to be of somewhat secondary interest. Examples: Steve/Bucky, Kirk/Spock (TOS), Bruno/Boots, Steve/Danny, Aubrey/Maturin, etc. Sadly, there are fewer examples of this type of friendship between female characters.

Things I don’t like:

  • Love At First Sight – almost all my ships are characters who’ve known each other for some time before becoming a couple (if canon) and have considerable pre-existing affection and respect for each other (sometimes, as with Elizabeth and Darcy, hard-won). Many of them have known each other since childhood, and even the couples that met as adults frequently have a long history together – for example, Josh and Donna didn’t actually get together until season 7 of The West Wing.
  • Love Triangles – almost always annoying and, considering that we live in a world where polyamory exists (even if it’s not commonly accepted in Western society), unnecessary. Although I’m not inclined towards polyamory myself, I’d actually like to see the members of a love triangle in a mainstream film, tv show, or book discover polyamory in a Google search (or something) and try to make it work. Secular (as opposed to Mormon, Muslim, etc.) polyamory is severely under-represented in the media, and I think a trio like Elena, Stefan, and Damon from The Vampire Diaries exploring polyamory would be much more interesting than the current situation of pretending that people are incapable of being in romantic love with two people at once, resulting in endless shipper wars between Team Stefan and Team Damon.


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