Restoration Hardware Starlit Tree Snow (2′) Review



In between the small apartment and the two year old (a climber, and an energetic kid in general), we decided not to have a full size Christmas tree last year, but I didn’t find any small fake trees I liked much in local stores, so when I stumbled across Restoration Hardware’s Lit Trees Collection, I decided to give them a shot as a unique alternative. I bought the 2 foot tall Starlit Tree from the Snow collection and we used it as our Christmas tree.

The tree is made out of sturdy but bendable wire, so you can shape the branches however you want. I was a little disappointed by the tree’s appearance up close. It’s wrapped in white plastic tape that makes it look kind of like a DIY mummy tree or something. However, it looks fine from a distance and the 72 tiny LED lights give off a lovely warm glow. We had fun using it as a table centerpiece for a “candlelight” dinner.  If you had the money and/or inclination, I think a small forest of several different sizes (the trees come in 2′, 3′, 5′, 7′, 9′, and 11′ models) would be lovely.

The tree has both an on/off switch and a timer that you can use to set the lights on for 6 hours, off for 18 hours. We have only used ours indoors, but the company’s website says they can also be used in sheltered outdoor spaces, as long as they’re protected from storms and heavy wind. The tree operates on C batteries, and the lights have a 30,000 hour lifetime, but unfortunately are not replaceable.

Restoration Hardware Lit Trees Collection

My rating: (3.5 / 5)