Melissa and Doug Cutting Food

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We have several of the Melissa and Doug wooden food sets and this is probably the best. I wish I’d gotten it years ago. My sister’s mother-in-law (a former elementary teacher) gave it to my son (then 18 months old) to play with during a visit to their house and he loved it so much that we decided to buy one of our own. He got the hang of cutting the pieces almost immediately, though he still struggles a bit with putting them back together. I really think he’d entertain himself with this set for hours at a time if I didn’t get tired of helping him put them back together after awhile. My 7 year old daughter also likes it, but not as obsessively as her brother.

The pieces are sturdy and well made and have held up well to frequent play by an enthusiastic toddler. Highly recommended.

My rating: (5 / 5)


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