My Favorite Battlestar Galactica Fanvids and Other Goodies


I’m a lurker in the Battlestar Galactica (BSG) fandom. I haven’t read much fanfiction, but I’ve been really impressed by a lot of the fanvids, so as long as I’m in a BSG mood, I thought I’d share some of my favorites.

If you’re new to fanvids, they are a type of fanwork that re-edits video clips from existing shows, films, and other videos for fun, love, or meta purposes. Though they are in a legal grey area, I personally believe that they fall under the doctrine of transformative use.

These recs will be heavy on Starbuck, because she is my favoritest, but I’ve also included a mix of other character studies, shipper vids, and general or recruiter vids. Enjoy!

BSG Vid Recs

Sometime Around Midnight – bopradar

My favorite Kara/Lee vid. Bopradar is a Lee fan, and and I’m a Kara fan, so I think she and I approach their relationship from fundamentally different perspectives, but this vid nevertheless worked super well for me, probably because Lee loves Kara, and I love Kara, and both of us continued loving her even when she was ripping our hearts out and stomping on them. (Which she did. Frequently.) And this vid really captures those emotions beautifully.

No Light, No Light – bopradar

Another Kara/Lee vid by bopradar that I really like, this one from Kara’s perspective.

Kara/Lee was my first and probably most passionate BSG ship, but in the end I think Kara/Sam was a healthier relationship and I ship that as well. However, I haven’t found a Kara/Sam vid that I like as well as the two Kara/Lee vids above or Dualbunny’s “Who Knew” (linked below).

More casually, I also enjoy Kara/Kat (there’s a GREAT shipper vid for them by jarrow that I’ve linked below) and Kara/Kendra (if anyone can recommend any vids for them, I’d love to see them!) Certain characters are like little black dresses – they go well with everyone – and Kara is my little black dress in the BSG fandom. She even goes well with characters from alternate universes!

Raise Your Glass – Taragel

And now for something sillier… This vid is Starbuck-centric, but probably most appropriately labelled Pilots/Alcohol.

Dualbunny’s BSG vids

Sadly, these vids aren’t available on YouTube, but I highly recommend you check them out, especially her P!nk vids, which are some of the definitive Starbuck character vids.

Jarrow’s BSG Vids

Another of my favorite Starbuck vidders.

SD Wolfpup’s BSG Vids

  • Fix You – The Cylons just want to help! One of my all-time favorite general BSG vids and one of the few fanvids I’ve ever seen by a vidder that gets how creepy the song actually is.
  • A Time Like Today – Lee character study

Sex, Violence, and Cylons – Martouf Marty

A humor vid that can also be used as a recruiter vid if you’re trying to convince a friend who likes graphic violence and/or hot women to give BSG a shot.

Clint Eastwood – bopradar

I can’t stand Baltar, but this vid cracks me up.

More Human Than Human – Luminosity

A nice look at the evolution (or perhaps de-evolution) of cylons.

Non-Fanvid BSG Goodies

A New Crew in Town

The Fracking Women of Battlestar Galactica

An official “vid” originally aired at ComicCon as a tribute to the humble, diplomatic, discreet, compassionate, restrained, and disciplined ladies of BSG. LOL.

The Shape of Things To Come

One of my favorite songs from the score by Bear McCreary

The ever-tactful Dwight Schrute on BSG


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