Melissa & Doug Grill Set

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We purchased this years ago as a gift for a young nephew, who played with it for several years before passing it back to our children when he outgrew it. The set has changed slightly in the intervening time – our set has cherry tomatoes, whereas the current set appears to have tomato slices.

My feelings about this set are a little more mixed than most Melissa & Doug products. The kids have a great time cutting up the onion and pepper and skewering the meat and vegetables. They are high quality and have stood up well to frequent play by several children of various ages over several years. They can also be used to help teach basic skills such as colors and patterns.

However, my kids barely play with the grill itself, which is kind of poor quality by Melissa & Doug standards. It consists of a wooden box (no complaints there) with a sheet of sturdy plastic with lines drawn on it to represent the “grill”. The coals are painted on the bottom of the box. I think it would feel more realistic if there were either some play coals to rearrange with the tongs or real bars on the grill (or, preferably, both). As it is, the grill gets used mainly to store everything when not in use.

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My rating: (3 / 5)