Lego Research Institute (21110)


lego research institute (21110)

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Lego has a super cool site called Lego Ideas where Lego fans can submit ideas for new sets. The community then votes on the ideas, and the most popular (and feasible) ideas are made into commercial Lego sets, with the original creator receiving a share of the profits.

I’m an occasional voter on the site and one of the ideas that I absolutely loved was a female Lego fan’s proposal to create a set featuring female scientists. It was recently released as Lego Ideas Research Institute (21110)!

Outside of the insanely popular Lego Friends theme (which uses a different style of minifig), women and girls are under-represented in most of Lego’s themes. My daughter has complained about the lack of female minifigs in Lego Castle (her favorite theme, aside from Friends), so this set is great just to get some more female hair and faces that can be mixed and matched with the Castle sets. However, I also love the Research Institute set itself, especially the dinosaur!

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My rating: (4 / 5)



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