Cloud B Twilight Carz Red Lightning


I’ve been eyeing the Cloud B Constellation Turtles and other animals as possible night lights for our two year old son, but when I saw this car on sale at T.J. Maxx I decided to get it instead because the wheels actually turn, allowing it to be used as a toy during the day as well as a night light at bedtime. It has three modes:

  • red stars
  • blue stars
  • head and taillights only

The red stars light up the car in an attractive and glowy way, but are too dim to show up well on the ceiling or any walls farther than about 4 or 5 feet away. The blue stars show up beautifully, however. We haven’t really used it as a night light yet, because our son isn’t old enough to be afraid of the dark, but he absolutely loves to turn off the overhead lights in the evening and push the car around in the dark, watching the changing patterns of the stars on the walls and ceilings. He also enjoys pushing it around like any other toy car during the day.

My rating (4 / 5)